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A 100% technical path

Comment sommes-nous devenus les spécialistes des métiers techniques ?

Sylvain Pelletier founded Métier Plus in 1993. Before then, he used to be the General manager of the firm Gastier. With an electrical engineering background, Sylvain Pelletier started Métier Plus’ history in partnership with other shareholders from Gastier.

Initially, Métier Plus was dedicated to help Gastier with their recruitment needs for labor not governed by collective construction agreements. The recruitment service covered both the workforce (electrician, plumber, mechanic, etc.) as well as the support staff (buyer, estimator, coordinator, etc.)

Métier Plus started off strong with big partners, including Merck Frosst, Kraft and Pratt & Whitney. Thanks to a strong expertise in the technical trades, Métier Plus' team helped industry leaders with their temporary and permanent recruitment needs.

In order to support the construction sector, Métier Plus also operates the Métier Plus Construction division. The team can respond to recruitment requests in both construction and non-construction sectors.

Over the years, Métier Plus cumulated several major mandates, always in relation with technical professions, such as:

  • Providing workers in Alberta for the oil sands and paper industry
  • Temporary mandates over several months of rotating shifts for Saskatchewan’s mining sector
  • Providing workers and supervising factories dismantling such as Edgewell

With all the experience gained from these various mandates they managed over the years, Métier Plus became a specialist in technical trades and a valuable partner.

A family story

Over the years, Sylvain bought the shares of his partners and became the sole shareholder.

In 2008, Métier Plus welcomed a second shareholder, Roxane Dumais-Pelletier. In the summer of 2008, Roxane began her career as a recruitment assistant and then as a talent acquisition specialist. After a while, she began a full-time position as a special projects manager and became the director of operations in 2014. With studies completed at the Montreal HEC, in addition to the Emergence Program G3 from Beauce’s (Qc) Entrepreneurship School, Roxane became a dynamic leader. She is now the General Director of Métier Plus since 2017.

Depuis 1993, l’entreprise familiale ne cesse de croître. Les investissements apportés au cours des années ont servi notamment à l’ajout de personnel aux opérations, à l’ajout et à l’amélioration de logiciels et équipements informatiques ainsi qu’au développement d’un nouveau site web. Métier Plus compte maintenant sur son équipe de spécialistes répartie dans ses 3 bureaux pour couvrir la grande région de Montréal

Métier Plus, in good hands

Sylvain Pelletier, leading Métier Plus for more than 25 years, is a qualified and involved manager. His extensive knowledge of the market provides a technical perspective for the team on a daily basis.

The arrival of Roxane Dumais-Pelletier helped the company to evolve quickly. Her perseverance and business acumen greatly contribute to the development of Métier Plus.
These two great managers are surrounded by a team of talent acquisition specialists, business development managers, recruitment assistants and a marketing department.

The shared vision of the team helps pushing forward the recruitment of technical careers. In this growth wave, other expansions projects are planned!