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The international recruitment process can seem complex. The objective of Métier Plus International is to make the process simple and efficient for your business by offering you a turnkey service personalized and adapted to your needs.Our role extends from the recruitment to the arrival of the candidate, including the integration of the foreign workers.

Initially, we collect your selection criteria for the candidates you would like to recruit internationally. We discuss several elements such as job title, job description, required training and required experiences. Together, we determine the language requirements and target the country where we will recruit. We also take the time to understand the culture and values of your company. Our goal is to collect as much information as possible to recruit the best candidates for you!!

Eligibility and job offer analysis

We analyze your eligibility to the government international recruiting programs (business requirements and responsibilities). We analyze different aspects of your job offers and make clear and precise recommendations to help you and facilitate the approval of your file.

Posting of positions (if required)

In order to meet the requirements of the Governmental International Recruitment Program, we take charge of the management of job postings (if necessary) according to government criteria.

Preselection of candidates

We recruit according to your selection criteria and analyze the professional background of each candidate before meeting them in an interview. We do the reference checks as well as the medical and legal checks of each of the candidates before presenting them to you.

Recruitment mission (if needed)

If you want to meet the candidates in person, you can do so by going on a recruitment mission with a representative of Métier Plus International. We take care of the whole organization of this trip. Once we will be onsite, you can meet the selected candidates. You can also test the technical skills of the candidates, as you would with Canadian candidates, before making a final selection.

Government authorizations

We take care of all the preparation of your file so that your company obtains the government authorizations necessary to hire foreign workers. We also apply for work permits and worker visas.

Preparation of workers

We prepare workers before they arrive in Canada. They receive all the information regarding their rights and obligations as workers, as well as Canadian laws, customs, etc. We also prepare the workers to Canadian life, in general; we make sure all candidates understand the numerous differences between their reality and the experience they will live, while working in Canada (weather, social differences, culture, events, religion, language, etc.). We coordinate with you the purchase of workers' airline tickets.

Travel and Welcoming

Our team of recruiters accompanies the workers at the airport to ensure that the departure is made without hiccups. In Montreal, our team greets workers and makes sure everything is going well when they arrive. Obviously, if you wish, you can be there to come and welcome the workers, with us.


On the day of their arrival or the next day we accompany workers to obtain their social insurance number, their health insurance card and their bank account. We also help them get their first groceries and make sure they have everything they need to be ready to start working.

Integration monitoring

We follow up during the first weeks and months with you and with each worker to be sure that the integration of workers is going well.

Work permit renewal

If you wish to renew the worker's contract so that he can extend his stay, we can assist you with these steps for the renewal of the work permit!

Service Guarantee

Métier Plus International guarantees to recruit highly qualified candidates who meet the needs of your business and who will be operational from the first day.

We secure your transaction with a guarantee of 3 months from the date of entry into office of the candidate. This guarantee is in addition to the opportunity to test the candidate's skills yourself during the recruitment mission.