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Impartition technique

Métier Plus has multidisciplinary teams, equipment and tools to answer all requests fortechnical outsourcing..

What is technical outsourcing?

C’est lorsqu’une entreprise delegates a portion of its business to an outside partner specialised in that specific sector.

In other words, Métier Plus offers you the rental of a specialized workforce, in addition to optional tools and equipment. We also offer team supervision.

This is an opportunity to outsource some of your non-strategic tasks and to focus on your added value operations of your company..

Who is this service for?

L’impartition technique s’adresse aux entreprises du grand Montréal qui ont des projets ponctuels ayant un besoin de main-d’œuvre technique.

Notre service couvre les secteurs suivants : industriel léger et lourd, institutionnel et commercial. Nous travaillons régulièrement dans des environnements tels que des usines, des bâtiments, des hôpitaux ou encore des commerces.

Our team oversees a variety of technical sector and can take care of the following requests:

  • Preventive and general maintenance
  • Installation, and transportation of equipment
  • Repair
  • Dismantling

Several options possible, you choose!


Depending on the staff already in place, we can take care of the supervision of the activities for you, throughout the contract.


Depending on the nature of the requirement, we can provide all the tools and materials needed for the contract.

How it works?

Contact us or fill out an online applicationYou will get assigned an account manager who will take care of identifying your needs.


By subcontracting operations that are not part of your specialities, you will be able to better focus on strategic activities for your company. You save timeandmoneywhile staying in control.

Staff Management and Payroll Management

Lors d’un mandat d’impartition technique, Métier Plus s’occupe de la gestion de la main-d’œuvre pour vous. Cela inclut la rémunération du personnel (paies, relevés de paies, T4) et les avantages sociaux applicables.

We will comply with health and safety regulations and adapt to your work standards. We have our own health and safety rules and will commit to respect yours.

Choose Metier Plus, the specialist in the technical sector

Métier Plus possesses a RBQ (Régie du bâtiment du Québec) contractor’s license, including 30 subcategories, in addition to having a team entirely specialized in plumbing.

Choisir notre équipe, c’est également choisir :

  • 25 years of technical expertise
  • A team specialized in various sectors of activity
  • Delegate your recruitment to focus on your main tasks

From now on, Métier Plus can become your main resource for all your needs in technical workers, from recruitment to technical outsourcing.